Ad free surfing on a fast browser – BRAVE

Stumbled upon this browser as I was downloading extensions for a password manager and have been using this for the last 24 hours on 4 different devices.

Here’s the initial feedback: its FAST with a refreshing interface / experience. And its truly … AD FREE! Syncing across devices is easy and you can manage what syncs device-to-device.

It was touted as a browser that put a priority on blocking ads and trackers so I eagerly downloaded it to see if it truly did that. I am happy to share these three pleasant surprises so far:

  1. information and experience on start screen is useful & refreshing
  2. you get paid for viewing ads in crypto currency
  3. you can choose which search engines you want to use

If you’re keen to read detailed reviews about Brave, follow these links:

  • CNet review: “This means you can use Brave without worrying about background functions quietly whispering your browsing history to Google.”
  • Techradar review: “Turning on the Brave Rewards option will mean unintrusive ads will periodically appear. However, if you view enough of them you’ll be rewarded in cryptocurrency.”
  • review: “Brave gave me a full ad-free experience every website I visited.” 

Follow this link to Brave.

Here are some screenshots of a site viewed in Brave, Firefox and Chrome.

a site without ads on Brave
same site viewed in Firefox
same site viewed in Chrome