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Things To Do In Singapore : Off The Beaten Trail

Here are a couple of things besides shopping I think might be interesting to do in Singapore. Recommendations are from someone who just returned after working six years overseas and enjoys a walks and good local food.

East Coast Lagoon Food Centre
It’s an open air eating area serving local fair with lots of different choices to choose from. Satay is pretty tasty and so are the barbequed chicken wings. Best time to go s on a weekday evening followed by a walk by the beach after dinner. The beach isn’t the most picturesque but it’s nice to people watch or stroll to Bedok Jetty and hang out as enthusiasts fish over the railings. Weekends are a crazy affair as traffic crawls in and out of the area. The jetty is a nice place to be when the sun sets too. I like sitting and watching strollers pass by with a book in hand.
1220 East Coast Parkway

Changi Village Food Centre
Nasi Lemak is legendary here and having not been to this areas in years I’m amazed at how it’s flourished with so many eateries. The best Nasi Lemak with the fluffy coconut rice is found a short walk into the older food centre past a row of shops selling fishing stuff, beach knick-knacks and a cake shop. Roasted chestnuts are a nice treat too. After grabbing a bite take a walk to the waterside to catch a glimpse of the waters off Changi Village. On Saturday nights there is an open-air market of some stalls selling a variety of souvenirs, plants, fashion wear and odds & ends. Lady boys have mostly disappeared or possibly drifted further way from the lights and crowds.
2 Changi Village Road

Macritchie Reservoir Park
I love taking walks here and my favorite path is the one that goes partly through the jungle then skims around the edge of the reservoir. You can catch sights off birds, monkeys, squirrels, lizards, eagles, turtles and lots and lots of fish. The waterside walkway has benches scattered frequently and sitting there watching nature in the mornings is a calming experience. There aren’t any places selling food or drinks in the area so bring along a water bottle. There are many different routes that can take you walking for 30 minutes to a few hours so lots to see and a great way to exercise for those who want to go the extra mile(s).
off Lornie Road

Geylang Serai Market
I like visiting this market on Saturday mornings when it’s crowded as the atmosphere is the buzziest. The upper-floor has an amazing range of Malay food stalls and I still haven’t finished sampling everything that looks colorful & good to eat. If you do have patience joining the long queues is a sure-fire guarantee for yummilicious food. Clothing and accessory stalls make up the other part of the upper floor with more of such stores found across the road at Joo Chiat Complex. Ground level stalls at Geylang Serai sell fresh food and they do stock some things that aren’t as common in Chinese markets. You’ll see mostly Malay faces with probably only about 25% of the clientele of other races.
15 Geylang Serai

If shoppings not the only thing you’re interested in then check out this link by Time as well. Singapore: 10 Things to Do in 24 Hours