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United We Stand, Divided We Are Inclined Towards?

TWEET: It’s sad to know people who actually create new religions! Aren’t there a lot of religions out there already?

This got me a little vocal over the weekend as I responded to the author in a series of exchanges trying to get him to be a little more open-minded. I tried appealing to his gay side by asking him to switch “religion” with another word like “sexuality”. His response was that didn’t apply as it was totally different in context.

Funny how people sometimes can apply a concept like freedom to areas that matter personally at the same time deny that concept to others in areas they are not open to.

People thought the world was flat once and put those who said it was round to death. We’ve come a long way from that era but at the same time it seems we haven’t.

“All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.” -Galileo Galilei. I don’t think a day will come when we can claim to have discovered everything and to know all truths.

There’s too much “there’s no such thing as…” or “you can’t think ths way” or “you’re not allowed to love this way” or “you cant worship this way”. Someone said this and I believe it strongly too. “If only we just see how much we have in common rather than focus on the differences there would be more uniting than dividing in our world.”

Lofty ideal? Maybe … but the thing is to keep trying at least. I’d rather live in a world united than a divided segregated place 🙂

PinkDot SG – What To Expect

Volunteers arrive earlier and after a briefing from the organizers everyone helps the set up of things. The year I was helping we were blowing balloons, decorating the park, giving directions, handing out ground sheets and all kinds of pink things that had been contributed.

People from all walks of life arrive once things are ready. You get to see a diverse group of visitors; solo visitors who don’t know anyone, families who love their gay kids, married couples, groups with young kids, guys and girls with pets, students, army personnel, bloggers and tweeple from Singapore and Malaysia, TV personalities and theatre performers who are mostly decked out in pink. A close friend was even talking to this old lady in Chinese who asked why we were all gathered and she said “love is good …. love is good”.

Different groups take turns to perform; pink lions and dragons doing traditional Chinese ceremonial performances, Malay dikir barat groups, dance groups and singers so entertainment is aplenty. When the photographers are ready ushers come around to get people into the centre of the park where there’s more singing and moving speeches. The tribute is to love which everyone present understands and believes in.

PinkDot2009The thing that really touched me at PinkDot is how friendly and helpful everyone is. Its easy to get people to participate in activities and strangers seem quick to share conversation, food, drinks, groundsheets, fans and whatever there is. Sounds of laughter, faces smiling, singing, picture taking, goofing around, warm embraces and words of love abound. I’m sure I’m not the only one who wishes for this kind of openness and camaraderie to be something we see throughout the year rather than only at special occasions.

The event ends after the pictures and videos of everyone gathered making pink dot have been taken.

Everyone who came helps clear up their bit of trash and the park looks rather pristine without the organizers having to work overtime cleaning up after.

Sharing pictures and stories of the day usually gets people in Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand wishing there were there too.

If you believe in love and if you would like to witness kindness and warmth in action come make PinkDot this 18 June 2011 at Singapore’s Hong Lim Park.

What To Wear : something light and cool …. and PINK!!
What To Bring : food and drinks … it’s a great place to have a picnic. a matt to sit on is a good idea too and don’t forget your camera. a bag to keep all your trash would really be appreciated
What To Do : get involved with the activities or just sit at the sides and enjoy the entertainment and seeing so many people with eager open hearts come together
Who To Come With : anyone and everyone is welcome! come with your neighbour, your uncle or aunties, your parents, your siblings, your camp mates, your school mates, your pets or even by yourself 🙂
tweet me @scorpiojerm if you’re coming by yourself and I’ll be happy to come and say “Hi”