Out, Loud & Proud

A Little Piece Of Me – could it possibly be a little piece of gay singaporean internet history?

I started Out, Loud & Proud, http://www.geocities.com/jermyn_toh, in 1996 with the intention of sharing with visitors what it was like for me to be gay in Singapore (geocities has since closed down its free services).

Through the years, it went through various updates and face-lifts in my effort to stay current and interesting to visitors. Some visitors nominated this site for awards and one of the awards I remember winning was Eutopia’s Best Website Award.

For those who remember visiting personal websites back in the 90s, a Guestbook was the norm. It was nice to read the many messages left by visitors who identified with what I wrote. I even played agony aunt to several people when they were having difficulties with being gay or coming out.

As time passed, I felt I didn’t really need to update much anymore as there were so many gay portals and gay community websites out there. I took down most of the pages in 2004.

Someone I met in 2005 shared with me how my website had influenced him in a small way to live his life as he saw fit. That moved me to revisist the comments left in my old guestbook and I decided to do an update for old times sake. You can read these comments at my “Old Guestbook”.

There are lots of places in cyberspace providing really comprehensive gay and lesbian information like www.fridae.com

But here’s a little piece of me I shared in the late 90s.

My hope was that my personal story and experiences would help those coming out to see that there are other people like them.

Growing up in the 80s, we didn’t have very many gay references. Coming to terms with one’s homosexuality was traumatic enough much less entertaining the notion of falling in love and living your life out with another man.

So I thought sharing might help.

Its nice to find out years later that quite a few people stumbled into this place and these pages helped some of them.

Thank you to everyone who left a comment on my Guestbook and to everyone who came up to me years later to say how this had some effect on your life.

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