Delightful Experience With An Intern Applicant

I’ve ocassionally read posts about people landing jobs through social media channels and spaces like LinkedIn are a great place to seek out potential candidates. This happened to me recently and now having first hand knowledge of this I can see why this approach significantly increases one’s chances of getting an interview.

Recently I got an email from an intern applicant specifically attentioned to me which I was quite surprised at. The effort put into his resume warranted a reply and I was also curious to know how he knew how to email me given that I had just joined my current company 10 days ago.

He said he had seen my tweets, checked out my blog then LinkedIn profile to see if it was up-to-date. Finding that it was and reading things in my blog he liked he guessed what my email address might be from my company’s website and sent off an email hoping it would reach me.

Needless to say my colleagues and I were surprised and rather delighted with his tenacity. More so for me as a digital specialist as it proofs that what we do in digital spaces can connect people in meaningful ways. Information and people are often already here and finding what is useful is sometimes about connecting the dots or the digital footprints of people.

So how did the interview turn out and is there a fairy-net-tale ending to this incident?

Stay tuned to find out.


Things To Do In Taipei

Here’s a post for several friends who asked me what’s good to do in Taipei after my many visits there.

Ximending is amazing food and hip shopping district. Try the bittergourd juice located at the end of Han Zhong St. My favourite bites to grad are the duck noodles, carrot cake and noodle soups located along the eateries scattered at the end of Han Zhong St. Try walking along the streets one the edge of the Ximending shopping area to look for local desserts places to try the fragrant and delicious peanut soup. There are streets after streets of small fashion outlets and I highly recommend wandering around and exploring. Don’t be afraid to walk down into basements or up to stores on the upper floors as you never know what you’ll discover. Quite a bit of their lines come from Japan so the workmanship is good and styles very current. I still keep finding gems I’ve missed on each trip back. And if you have a shoe weakness like I do you’ll love the range of shoes styles and many shops are really inexpensive or have shoe specials that could make controlling your shoe-craze-demon hard.. Take the MRT to Ximending.

Ximending Duck Noodle Ximending Dessert

Huaxi Night Market located next to Longshan Temple is a nice place to end up for a late dinner for local Taiwanese nom noms. Check out the fried oyster omlette found at the very end of the long street of stalls. There’s a dessert shop a short distance from the entrance way on the left (ground-floor of shophouse hidden behind a rice dumping stall) which has been open for many years and sells Taiwan style ice-kachang. The rice dumplings from the stall in-front of it are really tasty and filling too. Take the MRT to Longshan Temple.

Huaxi Night Market
Longshan Night Market Longshan Night Market width=

XinDian District is where you will discover locals painting by the riverside as well as taking leisurely walks and enjoying water activities. There is a little street that is full of life as well filled with local tastes, artistes, fruits & vegetable stalls, carnival stalls and Taiwanese knick-knack stores. I recommend taking a walk along the riverside walkway and even renting a paddle boat to cruise up and down the gently flowing river. You’ll also see the beautiful Bitan Suspension Bridge used only by pedestrians. Take the MRT to Xindian.

Xindian District

Danshui is the seaside district in Northern Taipei. This area has streets lined with boardwalk games, quaint little shops and lots of local eats. Gotta try the almond flavour drink as well as the dumplings, fried quails eggs, potato sliced up on a stick thing. If you like them Japanese clogs, this is the place to get them. There’s a shop where you can choose the kind of wood & the kind of string patter you want for your clogs which then custom fit so its comfy for you to walk around in. Off-the-shelves ones are usually too loose. Take the MRT to Danshui.

Danshui District Danshui District

Jade & Flower Weekend Market are two markets located next to each other under a highway at Jianguo South Road. Near one end of the Jade market (the end which isn’t next to the flower market) you’ll see a stall selling beautiful handcrafted glass jewelry. The Flower Market displays an amazing range of flowers, plants and related knick-knacks. After the Flower Market there is also a small Artist Market which sometimes has interesting finds. Take the MRT to Zhongxiao Fuxing or Zhongxia Xinsheng and walk or hop in a cab from the MRT stations.

Jade Market Taipei Flower Market Taipei

Flower Market Taipei Flower Market Taipei

Eslite Mall is an upmarket-style shopping center with a 24 hour book shop with an amazing selection of books as well really trendy shops. Look out for a corner on the upper floors retailing a ginger tonic that is good for health, snazzy electronics and homeware. Take the MRT to Taipei City.

Have a great time in Taipei and let me know how you liked these places.

Imperfections Of Yesterday

Was having lunch with a friend and we got around to talking about how things don’t last as long these days despite their beautiful form-factor and slick finish.

This got me thinking a little more and I believe things of yesteryears which were lovingly handcrafted have in them the attention, dedication, love and will of their maker which allows them to last longer than items produced speedily by machines. The Malay word for this is hikmat and their belief is that when you pour your hikmat into the making of something, it becomes more special.

Handcrafting has little imperfections but that is part of it’s beauty as that is the visible imprint of the maker.

Thus it seems to be we have traded imperfect things made industriously with lots of heart with the perfection of form produce with great efficiency but lacking in soul.

Conversations & Sharing On The Social Internet

Here are some posts I’ve read recently about two concepts I find important when engaging with people online.

Content is an important corner stone of engagement as deeper conversations and sharing can start to happen around relevant content. It can be in many different forms; internal, external, videos, links, photos, quotes, presentations, white-papers, case-studies, opinion pieces, experiences and others.

Tom Martin also shared some interesting behavioural statistics for Twitter & Facebook.

Twitter Users:
38% follow to get updates on future products
32% follow to stay informed about the activities of the company
31% follow to receive discounts and promotions
30% follow to get updates on upcoming sales
28% follow to get a freebie

Facebook Users:
40% follow to receive discounts and promotions
37% follow to show support for the company
36% follow to get a freebie
34% follow to stay informed about the company
33% follow to get updates products

Chris Brogan writes about sharing how how it “Moves Information To Us More Effectively” and
“Adds Value To The Larger Tapestry”.

Sharing well is sometimes a hard thing to help brand stakeholders grasp.

The reason I call this space the social internet is because the amount of information available online is so overwhelming that we’re now quite reliant on friends and people we think are more clued in to share things with us.

What brand stakeholders think they want to tell audiences may not be considered shareable by fans / followers so it’s a constant effort to educate and open their eyes to understand the perspective of their online audiences.

Here are a few things shared at a recent The Influencer Project that support conversations and sharing:

– David Meerman Scott. “Stop talking about your products and services. People don’t care about products and services; they care about themselves.” -@dmscott
-Robert Scoble. “Follow better people. The better your inbound is, the better your output will be. And your output is what people follow.” -@scobleizer
– Joe Pulizzi. “Create content that stands for something: what I call Higher Purpose Content Marketing.” -@juntajoe
– Robbin Phillips. “It is not about digital. It’s about people. It’s about passion conversations, not product conversations.” -@robbinphillips

60 great insights from The Influencer Project shared at Copyblogger so do check out the full posting here:

NCSM on Facebook!

National Cancer Society Malaysia

NCSM on Facebook

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia (NCSM) is on Facebook!!


Become their fan to support the fight against cancer and to help spread awareness. Their FB page will share event details, words of support, cancer news as well as cancer & health living information.