Marion Chang’s Story

Marion Chang Gay Asian Male (19)

How out are you? Completely

Where did you come out? USA

Have you got a URL to share?

What’s your story like?
I was more ‘busted’ then anything else. My boyfriend at the time was over at my house. We were kissing on the sofa. I didn’t hear my parents drive up and they walked in on me and him kissing.

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My mother started screaming and then she was crying and everything. My father left the room without saying anything. It was almost three days before he would talk to me. He asked me to move out. My parents gave me a couple of weeks to get enough money to move out.

I am lucky they just didn’t kick me on the street. It has been about I year since that happened. My younger sister is not suppose to hang out with me. She does anyway she also calls me a lot. She is sixteen. My mother talks to me on the phone, sometimes, not often. Lately my father has been talking a little to me.

I am hopeful that my parents will eventually accept who I am. I think I would have liked to have waited before my family found out that I was gay.

I am not saying that people should hibernate in the closet, or anything. I just think that if you are going to come out to your parents you should always have a back-up plan on where you are going to go if things rough at home because you are gay.

Approximately what year did you come out? 2009

Submitted: March 2010

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