Edwynn Yeap’s Story

Edwynn Yeap Gay Asian Male (24)

How out are you? Completely

Where did you come out? Malaysia

Have you got a URL to share? http://www.twitter.com/edwynnyeap

What’s your story like?
Hello there. I’m Edwynn and I’m gay. I came out as a very young gay boy at the age of 12.

I realized then that I wasn’t (and still isn’t) really attracted to females but very much towards the males. I started by telling my parents that I “think” I’m gay. They responded by saying that it’s impossible. Then I rephrased myself by saying that I “AM” gay.

Then they started to worry a little. I did not expect a “wow” from them anyway; no parents would have that as their first reaction. I understood that very well.

Image by spike55151 via Flickr

I was then taken to a shrink where I was asked questions and almost at the end of the session I told the shrink that all I wanted was to still be loved by my parents, being a gay; and I asked if she would help me in having a session with my family to aid me on that. She spoke to my parents and somehow they agreed to do a family session.

From there, things started to pour out and slowly, my mother accepted the fact. Father is a little off the grid still but he doesn’t discriminate, so that is a good sign I suppose. Took me some time but all works well with time.

Knowing now how difficult it could be for certain people to get out of the closet, especially to their families, I’m now trying to help them overcome this fear and parents, being their main foundation, to come to acceptance of this better.

That’s a little piece of my story that I have to share coming out from the closet.

Approximately what year did you come out? 1998

Submitted: March 2010