Men Coming Out

Name Short Version Country Submitted
Ben M (28) 2005: His sister remarks “they’re not his type” to her husband when he tries to get Ben interested in Korean girls. Read Malaysia Jul ’10
Dan Collier M (58) 2005: Getting his homosexual awakening at 35 at a Knick’s game. Read Malaysia Jul ’10
Edwynn Yeap M (24) 1998:Coming out at 12 and then having appoints with a shrink who helps the family deal with this. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Eric Chung M (23) 2005:His sister asked if he want to see a shrink. His brother tried getting a female prostitute for him. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Marion Chang M (19) 2009: Getting busted by mom & dad while making out on the couch and subsequently asked to leave home. Read USA Mar ’10
Nathan Goh M (20) 2006: Being sent to an ex-gay ministry then rejecting that. When you have nothing to hide, people can’t threaten you with it. Read Singapore Mar ’10
Saggitariandollar M (20) 2007: Out to only a few people and his thoughts about when he’ll come out to his parents. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Walter Jennings M (48) 1986: Dad shares with him a tale about keeping things from the ones they love. Read USA Mar ’10
Ayam M (25) 2007: Taking mom an a midnight walk and coming out to her. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Zuco M (41) 1999: Having the whole unresolved sexuality issue come up on Christmas Eve and making some hard decisions. Read Singapore Mar ’10

3 thoughts on “Men Coming Out

  1. Jack

    My first visit to your fabulous site, arrived through the link on Wikipedia’s Coming Out page. Like it a whole lot. Only problem, the first couple of names here don’t click through to their coming out gay stories. I’ll be back, love to read how others have faced their homosexuality and come out of the closet.


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