Who Me

Ponderer, communications consultant, entrepreneur, theatre practitioner, blogger, fashion aficionado, cat owner, pro-gay & retired circuit boy.

My first website Out-Loud-And-Proud won an award from Utopia back in the 1990s for it’s “coming out” content. These pages are now found at my blog along with comments left by past visitors.

I was in a movie called Forever Fever which was released as That’s The Way I Like It in the U.S. and my name appears at the bottom of the cast list coz my surname is Toh.

I part-timed as a radio DJ in Singapore on Passion99.5FM which eventually became Lush99.5FM. I was blessed with learning how to prepare reels & loading them to be aired, not having automated playlists and doing “live” cross-overs via phone-ins from WOMAD.

I often complain there isn’t enough hours in a day and days in a week to do all I want to do. My believe is that life is about living to the fullest. Its important for me to make the most of every opportunity I get so that I won’t look back and think “what if” in my later years.

Ponderer – I think too much for my own good and like to make sense of as many things as possible including the spiritual and mystical. I’ve come to learn that life is about balance; balance of all sorts including those things that you can’t explain.

Communications Consultant – My career in this field started with Saatchi & Saatchi working on traditional client accounts like VISA, Discovery Channel, Tiger Beer & Singapore Tourism Board. Two years and a triple promotion later, I moved to Web Connection working on digital projects which was something I had always been passionate about. I ended up in Paprika in 2000 where I’ve been ever since. I’m now a partner at this communications & engagement practice looking after the Singapore & Malaysia offices.

Entrepreneur – I’m a partner of a retail brand called Anthropology in Singapore. I took a year off and worked to establish our first Holland Village store. We grew to three stores with a flag-ship outlet at Raffles City. That store won a Singapore Tourism Board award for Best Retail Experience. Given the current economic times, we’re now at two stores and our e-store at http://www.anthropology.com.sg.

Theatre Practitioner – My love for dance was sparked watching the TV series “Fame”. Debbie Allen and the cast inspired me to jump and do double turns before I received any formal training. I received formal training in dance with the SAF Music & Drama Company (MDC), Singapore Ballet Academy & Singapore Dance Theatre. I subsequently went on to perform in several musicals like Beauty World and Dim Sum Dollies as well as with Kumar at the Boom Boom Room, Singapore. I also choreographed, produced and directed several productions and taught dance with the SAF MDC for 12 years.

Blogger – It started off with an account on Livejournal in 2003 and there was no turning back from there. Blogging has become an integral part of my life and I must say I’ve learnt more from blogging and other bloggers over the past few years than I have in school.

Fashion Aficionado – One of my first bosses was the founder of the SODA and I’ve been choreographing fashion shows since I was 18. Moving to KL since 2005 has allowed me to work with various Malaysian designers and MODA on numerous projects and I thoroughly enjoy the perks. Fashion is a form of self expression and who can get enough of it.

Cat-Owner – My two kids Jasper & Storm are my current loves of my life.

Pro-Gay – Out, Loud & Proud was my first website. i shared what it was like to come out as a gay man in 1990s. These should tell you my stand on this issue 🙂

Retired Circuit Boy – I’ve done the circuit parties around Asia. Flying every few months off to some exotic location to play hard with the coolest and the hippest. Making it back to work with enough energy and sleep to make it through the week. I’m glad to say been there, done that and took off that t-shirt.

There have been a couple of thing that’s followed me through life since I was a teenager. One being i’d like to leave some kind of mark in this world, to make a difference and the other is to live life to the max.

My teens were a period of not needing to study hard to get good grades then flunking & dropping out of school after being pressured to do medicine, law or engineering. Rebellion seems to have been worked into my genes along with stubbornness which I inherited in double dose from mom AND dad. There are moments I look back now and wonder what my life might be like if I hadn’t been so insistent on doing things my way. I’m happy to say i’ve had a wonderful ride so far.

My 20s were a period where I tried to do as many things as possible and that had me involved with professional theatre, teaching dance, fashion & events, performing at the legendary Boom Boom Room, flying with SIA and finally ending up in Saatchi & Saatchi. These were great times … LOTS of playing along with LOTS of hard work.

My 30s are marked by LOTS of growing up and developing a deeper perspective + appreciation of life. There is of-course my foray into being an entrepreneur with several Anthropology stores and taking up partnership in the company I work in. Being a boss and running several businesses will make anyone grow up quickly.

My 40s will likely be marked by a period where I leave the rat-race to do philantrophy full-time and hopefully get to travel to places like India, Africa and other third world countries or cities hit by disaster to help under-privileged communities.

I haven’t figured what’s gonna happen in my 50s, 60s and 70s but it’s likely going to be marked with the same craziness and exuberance to live life as my earlier years.