Single At 38

As my 38th year looms nearer I’ve been asked countless times why I’m still single. I thought only straight people will be plagued by this kind of incessant questioning as the race is for some of them to get married and procreate. When the questioning get’s a little intense, there are times I wish I could make true the adage “curiosity killed the cat”. But I’m a peace loving creature, most of the time, so all I do is grin and sometimes lace my answers with arsenic.

Thanks to technology and whacked out developers with loads of free time, Facebook now has an application which tells how many of your friends are “taken” or “single” and I consistently see high % numbers for “single”. One friend had 82% of friends listed as “single”. So I can conveniently use this application to support an argument that IT’S BLOODY HARD TO GET TAKEN!

Quite a few people have expressed that they’re trying to stop being so picky when it comes to potential guys they get involved with. I gave that thought all of five seconds before something inside me yelled, “Are you nuts! You’re gonna possibly spend another 40 to 50 yrs with this person. If there’s so much you’ve got to put up with now, imagine how much more you’ll need to tolerate with the passing of the decades.”

Patience is a quality one develops more of with age as the passing of the months and years seem less consequential and you’re sometimes prepared to bide your time and wait. This patience for me however doesn’t seem to extend to relationships.

The thing with aging is that you sometimes get a little “wiser” and that leads to all kinds of complications. Things are not so simple anymore and you know a little better what you want out of life and a relationship.

So with this wisdom coupled with a willingness to be patient, I conclude with these lines rephrased:

I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the end of it all
He’s gotta be strong-willed
And he’s gotta be fast-witted
And he’s gotta be fresh with me at nite
I need a hero
I’m holding out for a hero ’til the morning light
I’ve gotta be sure
Not necessarily soon
And he’s gotta be larger than life!