Year full of bad news …

just got back from a wake for my fren’s mom. She’s been sick a while and it was kind of expected in some ways. He spent most days over the last few weeks taking turns with family members to keep her company at the hospital. He looks OK … putting up a brave face … i hope he’ll be OK … i’m sure he will. He’s a strong one.

Sigh …. this year has been one filled with bad news.

So many people being striken with cancer including Bryan’s mom who had a relapse a couple of months earlier. A couple of people I know have relatives who passed away. Another fren’s best fren has had a relapse of her cancer, which was in remission the last 10 years.

Is it just me or are more people falling sick / passing away this year.

Is this a result of our lifestyle, the food we eat and/or the micro-waves / telecommunication signals we’re constantly exposed to?

Or is it ’cause I’m getting older and the increase in cases of sickness and death is something that’s part and parcel of that.


….. sigh