Men Coming Out

Name Short Version Country Submitted
Ben M (28) 2005: His sister remarks “they’re not his type” to her husband when he tries to get Ben interested in Korean girls. Read Malaysia Jul ’10
Dan Collier M (58) 2005: Getting his homosexual awakening at 35 at a Knick’s game. Read Malaysia Jul ’10
Edwynn Yeap M (24) 1998:Coming out at 12 and then having appoints with a shrink who helps the family deal with this. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Eric Chung M (23) 2005:His sister asked if he want to see a shrink. His brother tried getting a female prostitute for him. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Marion Chang M (19) 2009: Getting busted by mom & dad while making out on the couch and subsequently asked to leave home. Read USA Mar ’10
Nathan Goh M (20) 2006: Being sent to an ex-gay ministry then rejecting that. When you have nothing to hide, people can’t threaten you with it. Read Singapore Mar ’10
Saggitariandollar M (20) 2007: Out to only a few people and his thoughts about when he’ll come out to his parents. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Walter Jennings M (48) 1986: Dad shares with him a tale about keeping things from the ones they love. Read USA Mar ’10
Ayam M (25) 2007: Taking mom an a midnight walk and coming out to her. Read Malaysia Mar ’10
Zuco M (41) 1999: Having the whole unresolved sexuality issue come up on Christmas Eve and making some hard decisions. Read Singapore Mar ’10